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The Co-op Partners Warehouse team is your partner in supplying exceptional organic produce to your customers. We pride ourselves on dependable service and our commitment to local and organic farmers.


Organic Produce

  • Certified organic, meets the highest product standards, sourced locally when possible

  • Produce is our passion, so everything we sell, we love.

  • Available for twice daily delivery in select areas

  • Effective point-of-difference to your department among competitors

  • On any given day, there are 250-350 fresh organic produce items stocked in our warehouse

  • Competitively-priced

  • Willingness to develop custom programs and promotions

  • Sourcing

  • Grown locally by over 35 farmers we’ve nurtured long-term relationships with as champions in the local food community.

  • Sourced additionally from small, family farms throughout the nation for non-local produce

  • We support fair-trade and work closely with international companies to help grow their business

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Rick Christianson, CPW Produce Guru and Buyer

Rick Christianson, CPW Produce Guru and Buyer

Get to know Rick, our Produce Buyer

How many years have you been a produce buyer? Yikes, 28 years of experience as a buyer, 40 years total (including other roles) with co-op distributors. 

What makes working for CPW unique or special? We have a very unique, farmer friendly, truly alternative distribution system that CPW helped initiate and continues to develop. I see our mandate as both serving the retailers and food-service customers with great food AND serving conscientious farmers in innovative ways that benefit both. We partner with regional farmers and provide a means to market their product that includes, but also goes well beyond the usual “buy and resell” function of a traditional wholesaler. My job is to get the best produce from the best local and national farmers, and to make sure that the relationships are respectful and sustainable in all directions.

What are the most satisfying things about your role in the produce industry? When I take a step back from the daily whirlwind of produce distribution, it is very gratifying to see the remarkable system that we have created for local farms. I am grateful that I had a chance to do what I could to make it happen. I think that being a stable, dependable player in the game has had a positive impact for small farms that I deal with, both regionally and beyond.


There’s just no way to overstate how completely unique and vital this warehouse is in providing a national model for food system change. And in particular, how the clear-eyed vision of CPW Produce Buyer Rick Christianson has led this industry forward for three decades, locally, regionally and even nationally. Rick’s steadfast commitment to seek out, develop and nurture long-term relationships with small and medium-sized family farmers from all parts of the country, has been a total inspiration to me and to so many others.
— Jack Hedin, founder and owner of Featherstone Farm
I often think of how critical our CPW driver, sales team and warehouse staff is to our community. Without every single person involved in the supply chain Marquette’s food landscape would be drastically different. We both appreciate and rely upon CPW to provide our community with the healthy food that is often so difficult to get in our far northern region.
Our sales representative is incredible. She is so personable, accommodating and friendly, it reminds me of a farmer to consumer connection. She really helps us feel connected to CPW and the food.
— Byron Fischer, Produce Buyer at Marquette Food Co-op

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