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certified gluten-free

Located in Burnsville, Minnesota, Valley's Own Bakehouse has been in business since 2011.  When it comes to enjoying delicious baked goods, they believe that no one at the party should have to sacrifice flavor or texture. 

Valley's Own certified gluten free products are made from family recipes, hand-crafted and made with natural, non-GMO ingredients and contain no trans fats.  They also provide dairy-free and vegan options among over 30 offerings.  The idea is simple – they make products that everyone at the table will want to enjoy, regardless of dietary needs.  

Whether you have a muffin with your morning coffee, a dinner roll with your evening meal, or a cake or pie at your next family celebration, everyone will taste the goodness in each gluten-free bite.

Valley's Own Bakehouse

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Maple Valley, a pioneer in organic and fair practices for maple production, was founded in 1991 and became a cooperative in 2007. Today, they continue to produce 100% pure organic maple products year after year. Maple Valley offers a high-quality, certified organic, vegan product free of allergens, additives, preservatives, and formaldehyde. Moreover, they bring you a socially responsible commodity & their processing plant and offices are run on wind energy. Great effort has gone into selecting responsible, organically certified woodland farmers whose standards and practices represent stewardship to the environment and our planet.

Their main processing plant and offices are in Cashton, Wisconsin and the majority of their farmers are based right here in the Midwest. Maple Valley believes in family scale farming, fair wages for producers and employees, transparency, accountability, and sustainable fair business practices.

Maple Valley Cooperative

photo credit Travis Anderson

photo credit Travis Anderson


Angie Gustafson started Gustola Granola in her home kitchen, enlisting the help of her four children, and began selling her product at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market starting in 2013. Today, this premium granola partners with 200+ retail locations throughout the upper Midwest.

Gustola is non-GMO and wheat-free and uses organic oats and local maple syrup. This low-sugar treat delivers on health, wholesome home-made taste, back to basics ingredients and bold flavor combinations that will add gusto to your day!

Gustola Granola

Kevin Doyle of Forest Mushroom

Kevin Doyle of Forest Mushroom


Minnesota’s first commercial specialty mushroom farm, Forest Mushrooms was founded in 1985 by current owner Kevin Doyle. Situated on 20 rolling acres near Collegeville MN, an old brick barn serves as the growing room for the oyster mushroom operation. Oyster and shiitake mushrooms are grown on the farm year-round, and Forest Mushrooms sources and distributes many varieties of fresh and dried mushrooms, both cultivated and wild, as well as a full range of organic mushroom varieties.  The oyster mushrooms grow on cereal straw, and the shiitakes are grown on sawdust recycled from sawmills. After harvest, the growing material is re-used as mulch by local gardeners.  

Forest Mushrooms is a year round controlled-environment growing operation, and relies on the dedication of 12 permanent employees to keep the farm running.  By providing permanent positions with livable wages and full health benefits, the company has provided sustainable career-track rural jobs for its employees and family members, while providing the freshest and highest quality specialty mushrooms available in Minnesota.

Forest Mushroom



Bringing artisan cheese, hand rolled butter and cream-top yogurts to co-ops throughout the Midwest.

Rochdale Farms is an exclusive co-op private label brand that champions a variety of small, local farmers and producers. It’s also a three-member core team of Minneapolis women that are committed to supporting the cooperative community through product development, sales and social media.

Founded in 2009 in response to a growing need for co-op grocers to differentiate themselves from competing retailers, Rochdale Farms is celebrating its 10th anniversary in November of this year. From its launch in the fall of 2009 with just 3 producers and 11 items, the Rochdale Farms product line has expanded to include over 10 local producers and 44 items, with even more new products scheduled to appear in stores this year. 

In keeping with the founders’ initial mission to strengthen and support local cooperatively organized businesses, Rochdale Farms strives to provide co-op shoppers with products that are sourced and distributed in alignment with those principles. 

Co-op Partners Warehouse is the exclusive distributor of Rochdale Farms products in the upper Midwest region. 

Rochdale Farms

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Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm is Minnesota's oldest Grade A dairy goat farm. They offer many services and products including a great selection of goat cheese & fresh goat milk. Poplar Hill is family run and they currently operate the farm along with several of their children. The Maefskys have been awarded several prestigious awards recognizing their contributions to the dairy goat industry including the American Dairy Goat Association Pioneer Award and they are the only goat farmers that have been inducted into the Minnesota Livestock Breeders Hall of Fame.

Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm

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Deer Creek Orchards Buck Brand citrus is a unique California orchard located right up against the foothills of the Sierras, just west of Porterville. The farm sits below a rock outcrop, that was purportedly once an active jade mine over a hundred years ago. Started by citrus guru Lisle Babcock and his wife Mary Lou, Buck grows an impressive variety of citrus varieties like navel oranges, grapefruit, satsumas, shaddock, cara cara, lemonade lemons, finger limes, and their famous TDE mandarins. These are just a few of the myriad offerings from this remarkable farm.