Co-op Partners Warehouse from WedgeCommunityCo-op on Vimeo.

Co-op Partners Warehouse is a distributor of organic produce, dairy, soy and juice servicing retail co-ops, natural food stores and restaurants in the Upper Midwest. On any given day, you will find 200-250 organic produce items stocked in our St. Paul warehouse. We also carry organic milk, cheese and yogurt; soy products, fresh juices and smoothies; and a selection of dry grocery items.

Our close relationships with local producers began with produce but now encompass all our product lines. We are proud to represent products from Minnesota and Wisconsin family businesses, from chevre to chestnuts. Partnering with local processors and the National Co-op Grocer's Association has allowed us to initiate our own line of signature products such as frozen cookie dough, deli salads, and chili.

Through an innovative cross-dock program, Co-op Partners is able to deliver many products direct from the producer, including fresh grass-fed beef, natural pork and poultry, and Middle-Eastern deli products. This energy-efficient distribution method insures maximum freshness on very perishable items and allows retail and restaurant customers to retain a direct relationship with the producer.

Co-op Partners Warehouse is certified as an organic distributor by the USDA-accredited certification agency MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association).

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Co-op Partners Organic Certificate